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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hurt? >> reporter: good after, shawn. information is preliminary and right now, we have approximately four patients we're evaluating in the earlier statements and range from minor injuries to serious life- threatening injuries. we're currently in the process of extricating the driver from the metro bus. and preliminarily again, we believe there are five vehicles total involved, involving the northbound and southbound lanes of rockville pike and north of cedar lane. >> do you have any idea what me have caused the particular accident? i know we're getting the details in. what caused this? >> we do not -- right now, we're concerned with evaluating, treating and transporting the patients involved in the accident. montgomery county police department will will be taking over the investigation once we have treated and transported everyone from the scene and that is our concern right now.
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>> we're looking at a live picture from the scene and i believe that we're looking at this as the bus is headed -- and we're looking down, southbound on rockville pike. looks like the bus is on the side of the road and into a tree. you say you're extricating the driver right now. was the front end of the bus smashed in? it's hard for us to so from this picture. >> yes, the driver is being extricated. the cause of the collision, the actual collision, we have no idea at this point. we know we're in the process of extricating the driver and treating at least 12 patients on the scene. >> and we know you say there were 12 people hurt. are some people okay? >> i believe there will be people transported to the hospital. we're in the process of sorting out which patient will need treatment, what level of treatment the incident command
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has requested and a helicopter for traumatic patient. very prelem nairy and early in the incident and we're still sorting this out and we'll follow up why with you. >> scott graham, santa fire chief, thank you very much for giving us information. if can you see now, this is another live look at the scene and this is roscoe pike at the intersection where you hit the beltway, folks are heading to the beltway and can you see what appears to be a backlog of traffic. we're in control of the camera zooming in and out and i apologize for that. this is a major thoroughfare for the commute home tonight and if you have loved ones that take this route, be advised that they will be late tonight. again, we're told that 12 people are hurt in a bus crash there and not sure what caused the crash. the injuries rage from minor to life-threatening, we're heard, the j-9 bus heading to the mall? gaithersburg. we'll stay on top of the story.
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we have a crew at the scene and we'll have much more information as we get it. we're also tracking a weather alert. it's a windy and cold day outside. gusts of 30 miles per hour in some spots and creating problems. this came down in white haven street in northwest. for the very latest on the weather, windy weather conditions, let's go to gary mcgrady net weather center. gary? >> reporter: it's calmed down a little bit out there. the gusts are not as bad. the highest gusts across the area, about 36 miles an hour and both for dulles and national. so we have close to 40. good thing is that we didn't get over 40. seems like when we get over 40, that is when we have some problems. we have some wind, just wind up right now and this is the wind at the 5:00 hour and sustained at national, 10, gaithersburg, 14 and looking to the south. culpeper-fredericksburg, they're calmed down a bit. if we add on the wind gusts,
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we're gusting over 20 and some gusts for dulles around 30 miles per hour and look, it's going to be a breezy evening out there and not only will you feel it -- the actual wind. the windchill values in the city, 35. it feels like it's in the 20s for most of the areas into the north and west. again, this evening will be breezy but not so gusty once the sunsets. complete forecast is coming up. right on through into the weekend. shawn? >> we'll see you in a few, gary. another big story we're following tonight. d.c. raking in millions of dollars in parking tickets. a new report said the district is making more money than ever by handing out an average of 5300 tickets a day. fox 5s matt ackland is in the newsroom with the details. matt? >> reporter: hard to believe. think about it. according to the report, d.c. made $80 million in parking tickets in 2010, and 10 million
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more from speed cameras. we all know that d.c. has been having budget issues. just imagine if it didn't have this $90 million in revenue. critics say this aggressive ticketing is going too far. it's not cheap or easy to park in d.c. these three ladies had to so much through their pursees to find enough change to park for a quick lunch. >> parking's difficult. the change is difficult. >> reporter: don't let the meter run out. seems like enforcement officers are everywhere these days and we found this time error roar kentucky avenue handing out tickets and generating revenue for the district. >> and -- that is big business in the staff washington. >> reporter: john town send said to look at the numbers for yourself. it shows that d.c. made $80.4 billion in parking tickets in
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2010. the year before,est is $.7 million in 2011, d.c. is on track to make more money. >> and that is a way to make money. >> reporter: speed cameras are making big bucks and this is that brand new one. last week on wtop, mayor gray received a call from a man who was upset over how expensive the d.c. speed tickets are compare today maryland. >> and i can't do the comparison. one of the things i would suggest is not to speed in either jurisdiction. >> it's clear no one likes getting a ticket and some understand why d.c., handing out so many. >> they have to get money somewhere to keep things running. i don't know that i had a problem with it of. >> reporter: we found out this afternoon, there are currently 226 parking enforcement officers in d.c. no word if the district is planning to hire
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more and aaa said the government should do a better job of providing more parking places. it believes one reason for so many tickets downtown is that people have to park illegally because they can't find order to affordable -- affordable parking downtown. >> thank you very much, matt. and police are investigating's murder on an elderly woman. investigators say that the queen-year-old was attempting to make a u-turn when a pickup truck crashed into her killing her. the driver of the pickup and pares in the car were teenagers and they were slightly heart. no charges will be filed. funeral services were held for a u.s. park police officer who died while responding to a call. the sergeant collapsed earlier this month trying to help a man who had fallen or jumped from
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the key bridge and later died from the hospital. the funeral was held at the burk church of the nativity. from there, a procession travelled to park police quarters in d.c. he was a 19- year veteran of the force and buried with full honors at a cemetary in full fax -- fairfax, virginia. funeral services were held in -- held in northeast d.c. by a man shot and killed by a police officer. rodney adams was shot and killed. an officer noticed edwards laying on the ground to palmer park. as they approached, edwards sat up and pointed a gun at them as they opened fire. the family is calling for an investigation and they do not believe he had a you go. and sobering news about the nation's police force. law enforcement fatalities rose sharply the second straight year, according to the national law enforcement officer's memorial fund. 173 federal, state k and local officers were killed in the line of duty in 2011. craig floyd, the chairman and ceo of the national memorial officer's fund was here now to help with the numbers.
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thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, shawn. >> it must be frustrating to hear the numbers and to hear they're growing. what do you think is causing the increase in police death? >> i think we have a problem with budget cuts decimating law enforcement agencies across the country and where we're cutting the training, their equipment dollars and manpower and this is in -- and we're asking them to fight a war on terror in the homeland and that is meaning they need the best possible resources to do their jobs effectively and safely and we're not giving them the resources. i am afraid that is leading to greater risks for our officers on the street. >> and that is a combination of things. we're talking about the have notes resorting to crime to stay afloat out there and could that be attributing to that? could that be causing the speak in officer deaths? >> i think there are a lot of troubled people out there. the economy took the toll on
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all of us. i am afraid some of the troubled people are blaming government and authority figures for their problems. who is the most visible and vulnerable symbol of government in our country? it's our law enforcement professionals. some of that rape, i think, is be -- that rage, i think, is being vented to officers and we're seeing brutal killings of cops because they're police officers. >> we know that officers risk their lives every time they put on their uniforms and leave the house. we heard you talk about the problems and causes. is there any plan to keep those numbers low or to reduce some of those numbers? >> well, we're crawling a summit on january 26th. we're hosting a meeting along with the department of justice and getting a number of law enforcement together to solve the problem. the attorney has made this a top priority, and one of the goals, i think s the let's get tougher with the worst-of-the- worst criminals. there is a handful of criminals
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out there that are likely to not only prey on citizens but to assault and assassinate police officers. let's put them behind bars for longer periods of time. >> and what jeff it takes to keep -- whatever it takes to keep you safe. we appreciate your service and sacrifice. craig floyd, chairman and ceo of the national memorial officer's fund, thank you for coming in. >> thank you, shawn. a big break in a string of arsons in a local neighborhood. why nursing mothers invaded target stores nationwide. how about this? a wedding company is offering up employees unlimited vacation. that is just the beginning of this story. a representative from the company joins us live to talk about the perks that seem too good to be true. and as we go to break, we want to keep on you top of the breaking news happening right now. a metro bus accident is happening right here and these are -- the northbound lanes of rockville pike near edison lane and that is north of the nih campus in bethesda, maryland. 12 people hurt, the bus driver is extricated at this time.
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we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you more information coming up here on fox 5 news at 5. 
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>> the republican presidential candidate is six days from learn coming will win the first real votes in the race for the white house. the iowa caucuses seal to be up for grabs with no clear front runner. tom fitzjell is following all of the action. tom, there was little more back and forth among the candidates and that has to do with our area. >> and some of this is breaking
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in the last hour, shawn. that decision by virginia's board of elections is sparking new exchanges and action amongst the candidates today and as we have said, rick peri have filing suit invasa and in -- virginia and in u.s. district court. that challenges the ballot requirements. and in virginia, candidates must submit 10,000 signatures, including 400 from each one of the state's congressional districts and perry's campaign is saying that requirement is unrealistic in their view and too restrictive. in the last hour now, cable news network is reporting that newt gingrich said today that 1500 of his virginia signatures were voided by the state and because they were the victim of fraud from a campaign worker paid for by newt gingrich's own campaign.
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originally, gingrich had compared the failing of getting on the virginia ballot to his own pearl harbor for which this response was generated by mitt romney. >> what do you think of speaker gingrich not getting enough people on the ballot? >> you know what? i think you compare that to pearl harbor. i think it's more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. [ laughter ] so i mean you have to get it organized. >> the response to that, gingrich went to a chocolate factory today in iowa. for his part, he's been firing back at the attacks he's received from romney, which gingrich said that he, he accused romney of being a massachusetts moderate. now, after having called romney that, he's defending himself from the same criticism from mitt romney. >> i was affective. i actually dot the deal done. so it was not 112% pure.
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but it worked and we had a liberal democrat decide welfare reform, we had a liberal democrat decide tax cuts and to seen four consecutive balanced budgets. that is pretty -- . >> now, this ballot question is not going away any time soon. the republican party in virginia issued the decision last week on december 24th while perry's suit is moving forward. gingrich has said that he'll try to launch a writing campaign to get on this virginia primary ballot. that appears to be a dead end. when you look at the laws in virginia governing how they get on the ballots, they're just not allowed in virginia. >> all right, going to be interesting to see how it plays out. tom, thank you. >> four maryland teenagers are facing arson charges. they stole marine flares from a wal-mart in frederick and used them to set two garages and a wooden deck on fire in the villages of urbana -- urbana
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neighborhood. all four were released to the parent's custody and charges will be referred to the state department of juvenile justice. >> a teenager accused of exposing himself in the parking lot of a virginia retail shop. the 19-year-old andrew spratley is facing charges of indescent exposure, resisting arrest and marijuana. they found him in the parking lot in monasses after a caller called to say he exposed himself in the car. he's being held on $5,000 bond. a dodd know breast-feeding mothers protested at a target today. target had a problem recently with a mother trying to nurse her baby in texas. word got out in tastebook and a nationwide protest was organized. the place where it took place has not had problems with nursing mothers. >> the mom who organized this gathering here called and -- talked to the manager and let her know we wouldn't be here, not that we would have issues here but that is -- . >> guests are free to go
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anywhere within our store to us in their babies. and if we were approaching that. we would actually send them a request that they use our sitting room. >> about 100 groups staged protests in 35 states today. all right, we have all talked about what our dream job would be. local folks may have it. a maryland-based wedding site is enjoying perks too good to be true. how about a eliminated time off? i will take it. the wedding wire's hr director jenny harding is here now. i must tell you our newsroom is buzzing about this. when you're a wedding planning website, how many employees do you have? >> we have over $100. we broke 100 at the end of december. >> and how are you offering over 100 employees and when is that time off? >> thya -- they have to ask for the time off.
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>> and that is work something. >> you plan the time off and ask your boss for the time off and they approve it if the time is there and the department is stacked and you take the time when you need it. you don't have a bucket of time to draw from. >> i understandsta -- understand there are requirements. i can't decide i'm going take a week off. i have a desk full of work to finish. >> sure, exactly. you have to make sure your work is taken care of and the work is done. if you're a sales person and the group is a lot of sales people, half of the ocean failed and wherever you have met your -- organization failed and if you met your quota the rest of the month, you could take the month off, you really could. >> i love that. unlimited vacation is one of the perks. i hear you have a game room, catered breakfast and reimbursed for commute costs? >> we do. every employee commuting to the bethesda office gets $50 in cash every month to pay for the commuting costs. even if they walk. >> wow. >> buy's now pare of shoes.
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>> everybody listening right now would love to have this. do you think we would be a successful and productive society if all employers offered similar benefits? >> i think employers need to look at their employees and perform aes is to the employees and to make sure they offer them and there are many officials rolling out benefits for the sake of rolling them out. ask employees, we have a focus group that leave what kind of benefits we offer at the company and i meet with them every six months. i am loaded with my plate full of things to do. that helps me know i'm not working in a vacuum and i'm delivering the types of benefits the employee wants. >> and they're appreciative of that? >> they are. >> and one last question, my producer is telling me to wrap. do you have any positions to open? know a couple of people in our newsroom. >> we're looking for sales
5:22 pm
people and technology people. and anyone. >> all right, if you need a new spokesperson, give me call. >> and thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> and can you imagine? won't that be great? >> surprised more culls wouldn't do that. >> i think -- more companies wouldn't do that. >> reporter: think you would get more productive companies. >> absolutely. still ahead, remembering felicia barnes. friends and family members prepare to gath or a grim anniversary as mystery surrounding this teenager's disappearance is still unsolved. and an emotional vigil is held to honor a nine-year-old girl killed in a heinous crime. we're back in a moment. .
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>> we're staying on top of breaking news. in bethesda, maryland. this is not northbound lanes at -- near the nih campus and south of the beltway. there was a metro bus accident
5:26 pm
there and that is affecting traffic in the northbound and southbound lanes. we're told that 12 people were hurt, minor to life-threatening injuries and audrey barnes has an update for us. what else did you find out? >> reporter: you said it all. that is what we have been hearing here. it happened around 4:20 and in rockville pike. they're shut down for several blocks while the police continue to prepare the passengers and the people in the accident for transport. at least 12 people were hurt. some of the injuries are serious and the fire chief told us they haven't determined how the accident happened but that it involves a metro bus, a car, truck, and possibly several other vehicles and can you see
5:27 pm
they up ahead and there are a number of paramedics on the bus still and they're trying to treat the injured people. once they get them in a stable position, they're going to be transporting even more people to the hospital and there are a number of 4079 everies in the area and to give you an idea how they have been hurt and there is no movement here and that is shut down in both directions for several blocks. the best bet is to avoid the area altogether and this is shot down in both directions and will be for some time and as ied, there are injuries people on the scene here that are trying to be stabilized and this is going to be shut down for some time while this investigation continues. >> and earlier, we were talking
5:28 pm
about the chief and they were working to extricate the driver. do you know if that were able to get the driver out of the bus? >> he has not come back to give us an update about that and we know there are several people on the bus and we can assume that one is the driver. there are several passengers that we can see on the bus right now that are still working on people. so, that is a very serious situation that has been going on for over an hour now and there are still people they're trying to stabilize so they can get them to the hospital. >> all right. >> pretty serious. >> audrey barnes live for us tonight in bethesda, maryland. we'll stay on top of the story and bring you much more coming up later on in our newscast. bold burglars are wreaking havoc in the local neighborhood. >> the crimes are happening in broad daylight. coming up, the surveillance video that could lead police to the culprit. and an outpouring of support from a local community after a store was hit hard by thieves. and everybody needs a little help sometimes. i'm beth parker.
5:29 pm
coming up, i will tell you how one area county is assisting first-time home buyers. really making it possible for them to get in the door. he doo
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>> we want to take you back to the breaking news right now. a metro bus accident in bethesda, maryland, right there on rockdale pike south of the beltway. 12 people are hurt and some with life-threatening injuries. you're looking at live pictures from the scene. emergency crews right now are trying to extricate the driver and other passengers off of this bus. both the northbound and southbound lanes are closed for several blocks and traffic is expected to be really bad, expect major backups in this main artery for the commute home tonight. can you find the very latest on this on and we understand that the fire chief will be speaking in just a few minutes to give us an update on the very latest on the situation there on the injuries
5:33 pm
and maybe even what caused the accident. again, these are live pictures from bethesda, maryland, tonight. are we going to take the chief? >> okay. >> can we wait a minute? >> we're waiting for the chief to come to us live. this happened earlier this afternoon. it's near the nih campus and south of the beltway -- let's listen in now. >> and i wanted to provide an update on the collision here on rockville pike between cedar lane and elsen or avenue. about 4:20 this afternoon, 911 calls were received this our -- in our 911 center for a vehicle collision on rockville pike. the units arrived on the scene and encountered a multiple vehicle collision with multiple injuries and the injuries rage from minor to very serious and we're confirming one fatality at this time with respect to the number injuries.
5:34 pm
we have approximately 10 patients that were treated and are being transported to the hospital. at this time, the bus driver and it is a metro bus that is involved, we can confirm that. and that is being treated and extricated and transported to the hospital. i turned it over to county police for any further updates from them. >> the commander of the bethesda district. just like chief bowers, we responded for the collision. the response was fire-rescue and we did confirm there was a fatality involved. because of that, as was standard operating procedure, our collision reconstruction unit was called and they have responded to the scene. they will be investigating the collision. at this time, we do not have any preliminary causes to what happened or why it happened and that is why that were here. the only thing we asked was the section of roadway 355, north and south, will be closed for several hours and we ask the people to avoid the area if they can. >> commander, where are these vehicles?
5:35 pm
what side of the road are they on? and how close are they? >> and to this time, you will see the truck involved are situated in the northbound lanes of rockville pike and where they were procedure to the collision and that is under investigation. >> and are you releasing that person was in the bus? >> and we're not releasing that at this time. >> can you tell us whiff the person was killd -- [ indiscernible ] >> we don't have that information to release and want to get 96 of kin first. >> and. >> is each off of the bus? >> everyone in teles of passengers -- in terms of passengers are off of the bus. the passenger is being treated at this time and we'll be transported shortly to a local hospital. >> were there other people on the bus not heard?
5:36 pm
was it full? >> i don't know the specifics of. that i know we had patients on the bus other than the bus driver. >> and i do not have a final count at this time. >> thank you, chief. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and -- . >> provide further updates as the evening moves on. >> and you have been listening to a live press conference they're shut down. we learned they will be shut down for several hours and there are accident reconstruction crews on the scene. at this point, investigators have no idea what caused the accident. clearly, we can see the metro bus is off of there and to that fence and woods and we were told approximately 10 people were treated at the scene and one person was killed we don't
5:37 pm
know if they were on board the bus or on another vehicle that was involved in this accident this afternoon. we were told this was the j-9 metro bus and headed to lake forest mall in gaithersburg and that would have been in the northbound lanes. it might be a few days late. there was a pretty impressive christmas gift. they have to pay for most of it themselves and that will be worth every dime. >> it's 2,000 square feet. four baths, the zip is something numbers can't explain and this is the american dream. >> it was like the beginning of something great. >> yes, the beginning of something great. and it's been a long time in the making for mildred hardin and her family after a lifetime of renting, mildred is a home
5:38 pm
owner. >> and this is nothing like having your own. >> we assist them with a downpayment. >> the program focuses on first- time home buyers, requiring eight hours of housing, councilling, and money down and many homes have been in foreclosure. if they sit empty, that hurts everyone's property value. they head the prince georges housing and community development. >> and this is part of our strategy. >> and this is that dining/living area. >> reporter: they claimed the basement. >> and -- . >> be quiet or -- . >> home said don't worry, she'll be in the feature -- kitchen. >> and that is going to smell
5:39 pm
good in here. >> sure. >> mildred knows food and numbers. she's an accountant for a non- profit and understands the value of home ownership. >> this is yours, something you worked hard for and can you leave it to your children. >> reporter: next year, there is more money set aside for the my home program and they want to get as mean people as they can -- many people as they k. go to in maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. and they help people in need. a recent break-in at a store supplying building materials for a habitat for humanity shook the faith of some of the store managers in frederick, maryland. now that faith has been restored as community members rallied to the store's aid. joining us now is dean jacobi, the store manager with habitat restore. deep, thank you very much for joining us. >> hi, how are you this evening? >> we're doing well. clearly you are, too. the community has rallied to
5:40 pm
support and tell us what happened about the community coming together to help you? >> what happened the last few days after people found out about the break-in, we have had people walking in off of the street and make donations and calling off of the phones and we have had a local company call up and ask the surveillance system here, something that we were lacking at the break-in and that is a positive step forward for us. we're thankful. >> and when this happened, people came in and stole the equipment and the cash register. had to be disturbing this happened to you. but now, it appears as though everything is going to be all right. >> yeah, everything is fine. all of our volunteers rallied behind us and we came in on
5:41 pm
monday and cleaned the store up. got it ready and we were open for business tuesday morning at 9:00 and like always. a great bunk of people dedicated to making the success. and we can make affordable housing for families in frederick. >> good news to report after this horrible thing with someone breaking in and stealing from a charitable organization. we wish you the best of luck and thank you again for joining us. >> and thank you for your time. >> and keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. 
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>> a news alert to pass on out of cheverly, maryland. police are asking for help by identifying a handful of suspects who broke into a number of homes in recent months and this is surveillance video showing one of the break- ins on november 18th. they're stealing electronic devices, jewelry and a
5:45 pm
surcredit card. the suspect tried to sell one of the stolen computers. rallies are planned in north carolina for a teenager who disappeared a year ago today. she was staying with a friend when she went missing. workers at the dam spotted a body in april. hereeth -- her death was ruled a homicide and no one was arrested. investigators said last week they're making progress in the case. and an emotional gathering innd end last night as family and friends held a candlelight vitamin toil remember the 9- year-old aliyana and a neighbor is in custody charged with kpc member -- dismembering and killing the girl. coming up, peta has a problem with janet jackson. why the singer is named the group's grinch of the year. and are you planning to pop a little bubbly on new year's eve? an expert will join us to talk about the best buys to ring in the new year. year. 
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>> all right, we're talking champagne for the now year. youso have to have it. -- for the new year. you have to have it. if you're not an expert, we're going to tell you how to go about doing this. joining me now is talk about champagne, what you need and don't need, how you can get the best and what is not the best is steve bellman, from paul's liquor. he's the co-owner with the brother. thank you for coming in and talking with us. talk about champagne. what do we have here? >> well. >> for a cheap guy like me what, do you do? >> inexpensive. >> right, inexpensive. >> and it's nice to be here. we're going start with sparkling wine. the difference between passenger -- sparkling wine and champagne. >> okay. >> all champagne is sparkling wine and all champagne is not sparkling wine. >> okay. >> and from spain. >> uh-huh. >> they use a chardonnay great grape and a macakbe grape.
5:50 pm
>> okay. >> very good for mimosa's. >> okay. >> and this perseco from italy, the festive and most popular sparkling wean we have in the store today. >> okay. >> all under $15. great values. >> if i was a drinker in. >> yes. >> any questions from you? >> we'll let you explain and i'll hit with you some questions at the end. >> got you. believe it or not, gruett from new mexico. they produce a bruty, and blanc noir. this is my most popular seller in the price rage. fantastic quality and bargain. >> okay. >> next from france and not champagne. these little bit of pinot blank or pinot noire and riesling. if you don't want to spend the 35, 40-dollars, fantastic. >> okay. >> and the last three year? >> -- here? >> this is from california. probably the top california
5:51 pm
sparkler. shramsburg. all white grapes, blanc-to- blanc, white wine. >> outstanding. >> the $25 to 30 dollar realm. >> okay. >> and then the high-end. >> high-end? >> not high-end but high-end. number one champagne? verf creeko. >> uh-huh. >> outstanding value, number one seller in terms of my store. >> i heard of this one. >> thigh us -- they use chardonnay grape and pino grape. and probably the number one name in champagne, produces the dom perignon, the high-end. >> right. >> and chardonnay penot noire grape, outstanding value. >> you have a wine state offing coming up? >> this friday night from 5:30 today, mostly french champagnes we will drink and we want everyone to come by and no charge.
5:52 pm
>> and some ideas. >> you come in with a budget. we want to spend every price range and styles. >> and answer all of the questions. >> 100%. >> all right. >> and thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> and happy new year. >> shawn and gary, back over to you and some surprises. you're at work. >> and thank you, wisdom. >> he said come in with the price range, $4. >> i was going to see if they ask have coming called acer- spade, i read online $250,000. >> a bottle? >> that is a lot of money. >> that your budget? >> probably the house and champagne. >> right. >> oh, gosh. >> he didn't open any? >> and i noticed he didn't. and that forecast, though. it was a good day to celebrate. >> and this is -- that is in the 40s. >> chilly, chilly.
5:53 pm
>> and the sun helped. >> and some of the morning hours, there was not a lot of sunshine and that is nice in the afternoon. the wind is up and will day up -- stay up and where that temperature. the 20s with the winds and sustained to 15 miles per hour and some as low as 5 or 6 miles an hour and some wind gusts, 22 and not bad to the south. and to the latter part of the evening, some wind gusts of 20, 25 and we'll be breezy the next few hours, okay and to wrap up layers. 37 at 9 and 11. the wind chill values, when it's whipping up will be in
5:54 pm
some 20s during the evening hours and cold to the north and west and there is some snow here and this is going to bring us more clouds tomorrow and to this west, the storm track is oriented for the northern section of the country and that means the next several days, and what happened to the fast- moving storms across, there might be a sprinkle here and there, a snowflake here and there and not expecting big storms. they will chip away at the cold air and start bringing it down out of canada and that is looking like the first week of the new year is going to be cold. and a breezy evening, cold tonight and 20s in the suburbs, clouds tomorrow morning and some sunshine and by the time we get to the latter part of the morning and on through the day, limited amounts of subshine and there is not much
5:55 pm
sun tomorrow and on friday, clouds and 54 and 51 on saturday. happy new year on sunday and 54. next week. >> and yes, sir. next week, cold. >> all right, we'll take what we have now. >> yeah. coming up, a new campaign war hits the air waves. the candidates are going for each other's throats and some of them are not used to this. and a look back at the stories that made you laugh and some that made you cringe. the top scandals of 2011. and a live report from the deadly metro bus accident in bethesda and that is causing major traffic problems tonight. join us for the news edge at 6. x
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5:58 pm
>> peta has a problem with janet jackson. the animal rights organization is slamming the star awarding her the first-ever gringe-of-
5:59 pm
the-year -- grinch yesterday year title. she's the second year of the celebrity spokesperson for the fashion company black glamour and peta put kim kardashian on this year's list. thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. developing right now in bethesda. a deadly crash involving a metro bus. these are live pictures from sky fox high above the scene it at rockville pike north of the nih campus. fox 5s audrey barnes is live on the scene with the latest. audrey? >> reporter: shawn, i can tell you this accident has shut down rockville pike in both directions and will be closed for several hours while police investigate this fatal here on rockville pike at elsmere lane. this happened around 4:20 this f


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